Batt Pack Energy - XP
  • Batt Pack Energy - XP

    Say goodbye to noise, fumes, fuel and pollution, and hello to the future. Introducing the revolutionary Batt Pack Energy XP, a lightweight, portable lithium ion battery system designed to replace commercial and industrial grade generators. The XP system is the perfect energy solution  and is the ultimate upgrade for those in need of an extra boost. Equipment with larger motors may require 2-3 times the amount of power on start up compared to what is typically required for continuous output. Whether you are coring, drilling or even operating large pumps, the Batt Pack Energy with XP Boost & Extended Range will provide a longer period of surge power to ensure a quick and easy start, each and every time. At Hybrid Power Solutions, our products are built to last, and the Batt Pack Energy is no exception. You can expect the system to continue performing optimally for 5-15 years. Green, clean power, with no compromise. 

    Green energy with no compromise!

    • Specifications:

      • 4000W continuous / 8,000 W (1 sec), 6,000 W (1 min)

      • 3.6 kWh of usable energy

      • +3000 cycles @ 80%DOD

      • 10-15 years’ life span

      • Simple Energy Display

      • Rugged design

      • 110V or 220V output options (120V/240V)*

      • 20A Output Plugs (@110V)

      • Rapid recharge 5-6h

      • Outdoor usage (discharge): -20degC to +40degC

      • Weight: 55kg

      • System Measurements: 645mm L x 508mm W x 368mm H

      • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

      • Can be used as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

      • Safety features: Overheat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage.

      • Batterie Certification: UN38.3

      *240V must specified at checkout or via phone. Additional lead time applies. 

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