250W Folding Solar Panels
  • 250W Folding Solar Panels

    Compact and durable 250W folding solar panel. These semi rigid folding solar panels are compact and lightweight for their power output. They can easily be thrown out on the lawn, on a sail boat or on a picnic table so that you can recharge anywhere. These are compatible with the Batt Pack Energy that have a solar chargin kit installed. 


    Multiple panels can be wired together using an MC4 parralele connection adapter for up to 750W (3 panels).




    • Panel Type: 24V Monochrystaline 
    • Max power Voltage: 41V DC
    • Open Circuit Voltage: 47V DC
    • Max Current: 6.2A
    • Weight: 9.16 kg (22.2 lbs)
    • Dimensions (open): 1850 x 1060 x 13 mm (73" x 42" x 0.5") 
    • Dimesions (closed): 530 x 355 x 76 (21" x 14" x 3")
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 degC
    • Provided connectors: MC4
    • Cable length: 3m (10')
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