HPS Covid-19 (Coronovirus) Response

Current Operational Status

As of the 27th of March 2020 and until further notice, HPS will be operating on an essential services basis only. All orders, repairs and services will be available for all essential services including export. All non essential orders will ship after the lock down imposed by the provincial government. 

All custom projects and engineering tasks are available for essential services.

Power Solutions for COVID- 19 (Coronavirus)

In the face of overwhelming challenges, our Batt Pack Energy is an essential part​ of powering the health industry. The following scenarios help to outline how we can help.

Temporary Triage & Clinics:

When temporary tents and triage locations are setup, power may be a secondary thought. It is essential to remember that all testing equipment, computers, ventilators and IV drips all require power. Conventional generators may not be the best option as they expose patients to fumes and require constant refueling.

The Batt Pack Energy or any other fuel free power pack we produce can be used to power all this equipment. They can be placed under tables, or hidden away right beside patients with no negative effects on health. The Batt Packs can be recharged in locations that do have power in 3h or can be tied to temporary folding solar panels and continuously recharge.

Hospital Hallways:

When multiple beds are placed in close proximity with multiple pieces of equipment plugged in, this can overwhelm the power network and cause circuit breakers and fuse to turn off or blow. Placing Batt Pack Energies in these high density areas can mitigate this issue and consolidate power requirements. The units can be left to charge while medical equipment remains plugged in and discharging.

Larger Custom Installation:

Our rapid development procedure allows us to develop larger customized power packs ranging from 2.5 kWh to greater than 100 kWh. This includes trailer mounted systems with solar and wind.

3D Printing & Emergency Manufacturing:

Our team and facilities are flexible and can be adapted to produce or assemble ventilators and other equipment if provided with the plans and models.

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